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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Splitting hairs

Golf for Women blogger Stina Sternberg has a post up on Michelle Wie's performance last weekend in a men's golf tournament in South Korea. Stina writes-

She finally did it. It took her eight tries, but Michelle Wie has finally made the cut in an event on a men’s international tour by shooting a five-under 139 in the first two rounds of the SK Telecom Open in South Korea. This makes her the first woman to do so since Babe Didrikson Zaharias advanced at the PGA Tour’s Tucson Open in 1945, and there is no understating the historical significance.

In Stina's comments section I pointed out that Se Ri Pak did make the cut in a 2003 KPGA event. Stina replied back in the same comments section.

Actually, Bill, the Korean PGA Tour is much smaller than the Asian Tour, and it's not recognized as an international tour. So while Pak's accomplishment was admirable, it wasn't on the same level as Wie's. Wie is the first woman to make the cut on an international men's tour since Zaharias did it 1945.

First who doesn't recognize it as an international tour? The golf media? The same media that celebrated the Kraft Nabisco's 35th anniversary when the tournament was actually celebrating its 34th!

There's more to it. Stina writes in her same blog post.

I’ve already heard mutterings that making the cut in an event in Korea doesn’t REALLY count. It’s the Asian Tour, not the U.S. tour, so the competition must be lighter. Come on, people. Let’s get real.

Very funny Stina, you don't like some holding Michelle to a higher standard, but you're doing the same for Se Ri Pak. Who is being contradictory here? Come on Stina. Tell me.

It's fun hoisting people by their own words. Be careful what you write.

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