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Friday, December 30, 2005

Guiness world records time

Some news from Boston. This guy must really like being in jail. He set a record for the shortest bail.

Hat tip- Wizbang
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FRAMINGHAM — Anger management classes, anyone?

Eight minutes after being bailed out on charges of assaulting a car dealer Wednesday, a Framingham man got busted again, this time for allegedly hitting a cop with a door as he was being sprung.

Justin Fish, 21, went back to the clink for his alleged act of violence as Officer Robert Kelleher was escorting him out of the station.

The cops had been called to Route 126 Auto Sales at 9 p.m. for a report of an assault. Dealership owner Richard Souza said Fish had been yelling at him about the number of cars on the lot. Souza claimed Fish punched him, then threw a rock through his window. Fish was charged with assault and malicious mischief.

“As I was assisting Fish out of the booking area and to the front lobby he was staring me down and called me a ‘tough guy,’ ” said Kelleher. “As I went to open the door for Fish, he grabbed the door handle, swinging it open and hitting my hand.”

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