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Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Knuckleheads of the Day award

Today's winners are Jacksonville police officers M.H. Sirmons and J.D. Mills. They get today's award for chasing Melanie Dawn Williams first to St. Vincent's Medical Center in Jacksonville but for also tackling the 7-month pregnant woman in the hospital emergency room. The officers had pulled over Ms. Williams who was speeding to the hospital fearing she may be losing her baby. The officers claim Melanie never told them she was pregnant. Witnesses at the hospital say otherwise.

What kind of twits have to tackle a pregnant woman? They couldn't tell Ms. Williams was pregnant? Officers Simmons and Mills are going to face internal discipline. They should be suspended with out pay for their knucklehead actions if not fired. Other witnesses say they are lying and to me an officer who lies in the course of his work has no business doing it. Ms. Williams was wrong but Simmons and Mills actions were worse. They could have endangered both mother and child by their stupidity. For that MH Simmons and JD Mills are the Knuckleheads of the Day.

Open Post- Point Five, Political Teen

Two Jacksonville police officers will face internal discipline for chasing a pregnant driver to a hospital and tackling her in the emergency room after she said she told them she was bleeding and heading to get help.

Seven-months pregnant Melanie Dawn Williams was driving herself to St. Vincent's Medical Center on doctor's orders about 7:30 p.m. May 8 after she began bleeding and feared she was having a miscarriage.

One officer told investigators Williams didn't them she was pregnant until after she was handcuffed. The other said she never told them.

But witnesses told investigators they heard Williams saying she was pregnant as police struggled with her in the emergency room of St. Vincent's Medical Center.

Officers M.H. Sirmons and J.D. Mills had pulled Williams' car over at Stockton and Park streets after seeing her driving erratically, according to police records. Sirmons told police Williams, 24, said at the time that she was bleeding, not that she was pregnant. He said she refused his offer to get paramedics to the scene. The officer later told investigators he believed Williams was lying about her medical condition at the time, trying to get out of a ticket.

Police said Williams drove away after a brief encounter during which she handed over her identification, and the officers pursued her in their marked police unit about 40 mph for the one-minute drive to St. Vincent's, according to police documents.

After arriving at the hospital, the woman pulled away from Sirmons and ran inside screaming for help, according to authorities. But the officer took the woman to the floor, dislocating his right shoulder, before Mills helped restrain Williams so they could handcuff her, according to authorities.

Police then took the Jacksonville woman outside to their patrol car, but a nurse came out to check on her and insisted she be taken to the hospital's Labor and Delivery unit, records show.

Police investigators this week sustained a charge of unnecessary force against Sirmons and a charge of improper action against both Sirmons and Mills.

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