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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Give the ball to Sage

The Dolphins lost 30-20 last night to Kansas City. The team has now fallen to 2-4.

Miami has problems at almost every level of the football team with the exceptions of WR, Placekicker, Tight End and Running back. The team is getting old, and even the vaunted defense is not as good as its stats.

What Miami should do now is stop wasting time with Gus Frerotte and give Sage Rosenfels a chance at QB. I said this before the season started. Now the chorus is getting louder with Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post, and Sun Sentinel columnists echoing what I been saying all along.

Gus Frerotte is a 34 year old nobody. He hadn't started a game in 7 years and had been with 6 teams in that period of time. He was a Pro Bowler they say, but in 1996! Last night against the 30th(of 32 teams) ranked defense in the NFL he went 11 for 29 with a QB rating of 39! The rest of 2005 hasn't been a hell of alot better. Miami's problems are alot deeper than Frerotte. The team faces a rebuilding process. But tell me will Frerotte be around when Miami is done with that phase in 2-3 years? Not likely, Gus will be over 35 and the vast majority of pro athletes at that age are ex pro athletes.

Frerotte isn't Miami's future. Lets find out if Rosenfels is.

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