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Monday, May 30, 2005

More on Ligaya Lagman vs Gold Star Mothers

Not surprisingly at least to me, Ligaya Lagman is no longer interested in joining Gold Star Mothers as reports.

Ligaya Lagman has dropped her bid to become a Gold Star Mother, but still wants rules changed so that women who lose sons or daughters in war will be able to receive the honor — even if the mother is not a citizen.

"She's kind of shaken up and wants to stay on the sidelines, but she wants to see this fight continue and she doesn't want other mothers turned down like she was," said Bob Foster, vice commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Eastchester, where Lagman received help applying for the Gold Star recognition.

Lagman, who came to the United States from the Philippines in 1983, is a permanent resident but not a citizen, as is required in the bylaws of the American Gold Star Mothers Inc.Lagman, of Yonkers, was not available for comment and was busy caring for her husband, who is seriously ill, Foster said.

First I'll say Mrs. Lagman's decision don't surprise me. I'm married to a Filipina and I'm more than acquainted with their forgive and forget Catholic beliefs. That's what I believe is at least partly behind the decision.

Secondly, I would hazard a guess that Mrs. Lagman feels unwelcome and possibly overwhelmed by the publicity she has drawn. So she would rather take a low profile. Again pretty typical Filipino thinking.

I do want to wish the Lagmans well. May Mr. Lagman recover from his cancer.That all said, I don't think this Gold Star Moms group should go away. These women need to be taken to task. If they take any govt money, the same govt should go after these people.

As was also reporterd over the weekend, Gold Star has a new incoming President a Judith Young. She tries to explain or rationalize Gold Star's actions. She fails badly on all counts. Here is what she said in the rest of the same article.

Judith Young said that although any member may propose a change to the organization's bylaws for a vote in 2006, she had no plans to initiate such a change. "I'm not saying at this present time that I'm going to do that," said Young, who becomes president of the national nonprofit next month. "We have a lot on the agenda, things we have to get done."

Young yesterday reiterated that American Gold Star Mothers did not deny membership to Lagman. She said the application was still pending because it was incomplete, lacking a signature and a death certificate.

Young said that any of the group's 1,000 members could propose an amendment to change the bylaws or constitution. The 12-member executive board would have to move the amendment to a full vote, which would happen at the organization's annual convention in late June. It is too late to introduce a new amendment for this year's convention, Young said.

In January, the organization's executive board discussed allowing noncitizen mothers into the group after receiving a letter on the topic, but no one initiated an amendment to change the bylaws. "The only thing we voted on at that time was not to make any exceptions to the rules until further investigation," Young said yesterday.

There is only one problem with this too late excuse. This issue by their own admission has been around since January. More than ample time to have it reconciled.It seems pretty clear to me Mrs. Young opposed the application from the start.

Judith Young is currently a Gold Star Board member.There is even some damning comments out of Mrs. Young's mouth and current President Ann Hurd. All reported by again.

"We've got rules to follow," Herd said, while questioning why Lagman, a Filipino who is a permanent resident of the United States, never became a citizen in her 20-plus years living here.

This woman's ignorance is showing now if not outright bigotry. She clearly knows nothing about the citizenship process which is often lengthy and costly. There are are also possible legal reasons to stay a citizen of another country. Taxes, property ownership to name two.

"It hurts that all this is coming up, but it's not our fault," Herd said. "I can't understand why, if she isn't happy with the way things are, she didn't become an American citizen by now. All these years. That seems to be her choice. Is this (membership) what she wants, or does someone else just want to get this started?"

Defensive aren't we? I'd say you have alot to be defensive about. Both Senators from New York, Governor Pataki and at least three members of Congress, Lowry, Rangel and Engel all don't understand the decision that was made and think you should re-consider. So you are right and they are wrong?Well there are two former board Presidents of Gold Stars who are also shaking their heads at what was done. Not to mention veteran's organizations. What Mrs. Young really means is she and her 11 co-horts were outed and they don't like it.

Mrs. Young also mentioned the many phone calls(I was one) the organization got, and that some were vulgar. There are few persons more sympathetic than a grieving mother, particularly one who gave her son for this country.I wonder if any of the board sees the irony in that Anthony Lagman died fighting to preserve this group's freedom to reject his mother's application. It's sad if they don't.

Well I could dissect more of Hurd's and Young's statements but I think the case is made. Either these women are bigots or PR clueless in that they didn't know how badly this would shame both them and Gold Stars. I oscilliate between the two, there may be board members who are both of these. In any case my last two bits on this subject barring more news.

1- Any current board member who voted for Lagman or rules to be ammended should both come forth and issue their resignation in protest. Till they do so, all 12 are guilty in this ugly affair at least in the public's eye.

2- Veteran's groups should picket Gold Star's annual meeting next month in June. Shame works wonders sometimes. At the meeting other GS mothers should protest what the board did. It was clearly not in anyone's best image and tars everyone associated with the group.

God Bless Ligaya Lagman and her family.

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