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Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Knucklehead of the Day Award

A few days ago four present Tennessee legislators plus others were arrested as part of an FBI Sting called Tennessee Waltz. These three Democrats and one Republican, including thirty year State Senator John Ford who. All are accused of taking bribes to facilitate legislation that would benefit a re-cycling company setup by the FBI. In addition Sen. Ford is accused of making death threats against one of the FBI agents involved in the sting.

Not surprisingly State legislators are rallying to show their support for these crooks.

The biggest knucklehead of these crooks defender's is Sen Roy Herron-D who said the following

Thursday "was like the day President Kennedy was shot, like 9/11," Herron said.

"A day that scares us and scars us like few other days." •

Save the over wrought rhetoric Senator Herron. 3,000 people didn't die the other day, just some crooks getting arrested.

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