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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Look on the bright side

Click here if you want to the 2009 LPGA Tour schedule out. Here are the lowlights and highlights

*- There will be 31 tournaments instead of 34. Ginn Tribute, Semgroup, ADT Championship, and Fields Open are gone. Honda Thailand is back.

*- Overall prize money is down roughly 10% from 60 million to 53 million with one tournament's purse(Ginn Open) still to be determined.

*- There will be no LPGA events in South Florida next year. Besides the ADT Championship being no more, The Stanford International is leaving Aventura for somewhere in the Houston Texas area. In addition Stanford will become the LPGA's year ending championship.

*- 11 of these events are international.

Not much to cheer about if you're a ladies professional golf fan. After considering the present state of the US economy, the LPGA could be far worse. Though things do look shaky for 2010 and beyond.

Ryan is also commenting.

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