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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Coming up short

Juan C Rodruiguez writes about last night's Florida Panthers game for the Sun-Sentinel-

Devils goalie Scott Clemmensen blanked the Panthers for nearly 50 minutes when the two teams met last week in Newark, N.J.

Wednesday, he came even closer. Jay Bouwmeester spoiled the shutout bid at 17:41, and David Booth got the equalizer with 7.2 seconds remaining, but the end result was the same.
Juan, I don't know where you learned to count but Clemmensen did shutout goaltending for over 50 minutes. So he didn't just come closer, but actually passed that mark. Maybe you're talking closer to 60 minutes of hockey, the trouble with that is the confusing way you write those two opening paragraphs.

The Sun-Sentinel normally employs Steve Gorten to cover the Panthers. I like Gorten and hope he's back REAL SOON.

Florida played rotten hockey but rallied last night before losing in overtime. Its more typical for the cats to give up when down by two in the 3rd period. Overall I won't read anything into last night's comeback. I still think it will be a long year for Panthers fans.

Nathan Horton was hurt in the 3rd period last night. No word as yet on Horton's condition. Florida is already banged up enough without having to lose one of their highest scorers too.

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