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Monday, November 24, 2008

Bad loss for the Dolphins

He got injured in yesterday's 48-28 loss to New England. From ESPN-

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Greg Camarillo is out for the season with a knee injury.

Camarillo left Miami's 48-28 loss to New England in the second half Sunday and did not return.

"He's not good, he's done," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said Monday. "You don't want to lose a player like that. He's been really productive for us."

The injury ends Camarillo's breakout year with the Dolphins.

He leads the Dolphins with 55 receptions for 613 yards and two touchdowns after catching a total of eight passes in his first two NFL seasons.
The loss of Camarillo is a big blow to Miami. Of their receiving corps, Camarillo was easily the most productive though Ted Ginn has been prodcuing good numbers of late. Miami is 6-5 after the loss yesterday, I think they'll finish over .500 based on the weakness of the fins schedule rather than the strength of the team. New England made mincemeat of the Dolphin defense. Over 400 yards passing, and other teams(Houston, NY Jets and Arizona) have shown how flimsy Miami's pass defense is. Lets say Miami wins one of the two games(Buffalo and the NY Jets both on the road) I think they will end up losing and instead makes the playoffs, it will be a quick out for the fins. Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, New England, The Jets or some other playoff team will do a number on Miami like John Elway and Denver did(38-3) about 10 years ago.

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