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Friday, October 05, 2007

Democratic primary lawsuit

From the Sun-Sentinel-

WASHINGTON - Sen. Bill Nelson and Rep. Alcee Hastings sued their own party on Thursday to make Florida's vote count in the Jan. 29 presidential primary.

But many South Florida Democrats said they were more concerned about the impact of the primary flap on the general election in November 2008.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Tallahassee, accuses the Democratic National Party and its chairman, Howard Dean, of taking away the right to vote from more than 4 million Florida Democrats, an especially sensitive subject for voters still steaming about the disputed 2000 election.

In the filing, Nelson and Hastings accuse the national party of violating the Voting Rights Act. As punishment for holding a primary as early as Jan. 29, the national party has said it will block Florida's delegates to the nominating convention. Floridians can vote in the primary, Nelson and Hastings say, but their votes won't really count in choosing a nominee.
I still think the National Democratic party will come up with a face saving measure. Probably at the last minute. No party or any of its candidates want to right off as big a state as Florida.

As for the chance of the lawsuit succeeding.

Legal experts found little precedent for overturning a political party's sanctions, but they did not discount a possible court victory for the Florida Democrats.

"They have a shot, but it's a long shot," said Bruce Rogow, constitutional lawyer and professor at Nova Southeastern University. "Courts are reluctant to intervene in the private machinations of a political party. What gives them a shot is that, no question, it has an impact on the meaningfulness of Florida voters' decisions with regard to who the nominee should be."
It is the Democratic Party's party as you could call it, and they can invite who they want. That doesn't mean it is right.

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