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Monday, September 03, 2007

The Labor Day Knucklehead Award Marathon Part Sixteen

Our sixteenth winners today are Andre Pierce, Chad Lavon Brown, Miesha Wilkins and Megan T. Mickens. They get the award for the following.

DELRAY BEACH — A woman who lives on Southwest 22nd Circle saw an intruder as he broke into her house this morning and called 911.

When the man ran, it set off a 2 1/2 hour dragnet of the neighborhood that ended in the arrest of two would-be burglars and the women who tried to help them, police said.

Police nabbed the first intruder, later identified as 36-year-old Andre Pierce, almost immediately, said Officer Jeff Messer, police spokesman.

He was sitting in a silver compact car, apparently stolen from Martin County for the occasion, when a police cruiser pulled up, and he bolted from the car only to be caught moments later, Messer said.

Meanwhile, the second intruder, 19-year-old Chad Lavon Brown, took to hiding in the neighborhood, which prompted police to move in.

As they were tracking Brown, detectives noticed a pair of women circling the neighborhood aimlessly in a silver Dodge Neon.

An officer pulled them over, and investigators soon realized the women, 20-year-old Miesha Wilkins and 20-year-old Megan T. Mickens, were communicating with the fugitive using cellphone text messages.

The women were arrested on conspiracy to commit burglary charges and, because Wilkins brought along a diaper-less, 1-year-old baby for the ride, she will face an additional charge of child abuse, Messer said.

With the women in custody, three officers and a police dog cornered Brown in the courtyard of a nearby town home and cuffed him after a brief struggle.
Dumb burglars and their dumb accomplices. That's all it takes to make Andre Pierce, Chad Lavon Brown, Miesha Wilkins and Megan T. Mickens our sixteenth Knucklehead winners of the Day.

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