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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dolphin Bites

We're not talking about a football player but this sea mammal.

Marine researchers are warning about a growing number of dolphin bite cases in Sarasota County, according to a Local 6 News report.

Florida experts said wild dolphins are becoming more aggressive because boaters are feeding them.

"It seems reasonable to understand why you wouldn't feed a bear or something more dangerous-appearing, but these are wild animals," dolphin researcher Jason Allen said. "They are wild animals with lots of sharp teeth."

Officials said a dolphin bit a woman from Lakeland earlier this month when she tried to pet it.

It is illegal to feed, harass, swim with or follow wild dolphins. Violators face misdemeanor charges for committing the crimes.
Two bite cases from the 25,000 or so Dolphins that live in the waters. Its an epidemic don't you know! In reality if you check this site out, its believed one dolphin may be the culprit. Even if its two, why does the press play up like stories like this? It makes for great headlines, but the reporting is far from the truth. How about reporting the dangers of walking across the street? That's far more likely to get a beachgoer injured or killed. Expecting the MSM to put things in perspective is expecting too much. Otherwise they wouldn't be spending so much time reporting on this one idiot.

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