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Monday, April 09, 2007

No peace

Some news from Spain-

MADRID, Spain - For the second time since shattering a self-imposed cease-fire, Basque separatists released a statement Sunday saying it was committed to peace in the troubled northern region so long as "attacks on the Basque nation" end.

The Spanish government, which called off exploratory contacts that could have led to formal talks with the separatist group ETA after a car bombing at the Madrid Airport in December, responded that the statement was inadequate.

ETA said, "We have the willingness to commit firmly to ... absence of violence, deactivating even options to retaliate within a situation of cease-fire."

ETA said its commitment would be maintained "if attacks on the Basque nation disappear."

The separatist group wants the inclusion in local elections of parties currently outlawed because of their support for ETA, as well as better treatment for ETA prisoners and a reduction in the arrests of its members.
If history has taught us anything, fanaticis(Osama Bin Laden)and revolutionaries(Lenin, Ho Chi Minh and a long list of others) don't want peace or compromise. Their only goal is victory. Spain is no different, Franco being a very recent example.

It is only a matter of time before another ETA bombing or other terrorist act.

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