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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Florida the rules are different here Chapter CIII

Police horses going poop along a Broward beach. I'm sure that will meet with applause by tourists. Don't you just love Florida?

Hat tip- Rick at SOTP who says experienced riders know when their pony is going to take a dump.
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FORT LAUDERDALE -- If you saw a city police horse drop a pile of manure on the shoreline of the beach, police officials said they're sorry and that it was an accident.

In an e-mail titled "Fecal Matter on Fort Lauderdale Beach,'' a Fort Lauderdale woman wrote to a Broward County Commissioner that on April 4 at 4:30 p.m. she had just finished a 45-minute ocean swim.

The e-mail went on to say: "Two Fort Lauderdale Police Officers on Horseback rode from A1A and Sebastian (Street) to the shoreline where they allowed their horses to defecate about 2 dozen balls of fecal matter, then turned and rode back to the street. No attempt was made to clean said fecal matter. I was appalled, disgusted, and fear for my and the health of all who enjoy our beautiful beach of Fort Lauderdale.''

Capt. Robert Carter, police executive officer, looked into it and reported back to city officials that the officers rode their horses to the shoreline "to acclimate the animals with various environmental/physical conditions. They were completely unaware that one or both of the horses defecated and they offered sincere apologies.''

Carter said he was sure it would prove to be an isolated incident and that the officers, or public works crews, routinely clean up after the horses.


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