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Friday, February 23, 2007


Australia's Nick O'Hern defeats the #1 golfer in the world.

MARANA, Ariz. - Tiger Woods' winning streak is over no matter what tour he is playing. Nick O'Hern became the first player to beat Woods twice in professional match play, losing a 3-up lead with eight holes to play before winning with a 12-foot par on the 20th hole after two gaffes by the world's No. 1 player.

Woods hit a wedge into 5 feet for birdie on the 18th hole to extend the match, and it appeared he would sneak off with a victory when he stood over a 4-foot birdie on the first extra hole. But he pushed it badly, then missed the green to the left on the 20th hole and chipped weakly to 15 feet.

O'Hern blasted out of a bunker to 12 feet and made the par putt, sending Woods home a loser from a PGA Tour event for the first time since the Western Open in July.

Byron Nelson's record of 11 straight tour victories in 1945 again looks as untouchable as ever.
My prediction about Tiger's streak ending at the Match Play came true. Now will Tiger win his fifth Masters title in April?

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