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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ashes to Ashes

Nimby Florida Style. From the Tampa Tribune-

TAMPA - A company has dropped its plan to build a crematory in Tampa Heights, an environmental official said Wednesday.

Cremation Center of Tampa Bay will not build a crematory at 3900 N. Florida Ave., said Diana Lee, air permitting section chief for Hillsborough County’s Environmental Protection Commission.

Lee said owner Rebecca Yebba told her Wednesday that the company is pursuing another property. She said Yebba believed building a crematory on Florida Avenue would create tension with nearby residents.

“They felt it would be better to go to a site that is more industrial,” said Lee, who wouldn’t disclose the new location.

Yebba could not be reached for comment.

Cremation Center bought the Florida property, a former auto body shop, and proposed building a human and animal crematory.

The property’s zoning allows for a crematory, but residents objected to the EPC and the city. They worried about environmental issues and a possible decline in property values.

I searched the internet and found nothing about burning of human bodies causing pollution. Maybe homeowners didn't want hearses in the neighborhood because it would be depressing.

Life in Florida. It rarely fails to amaze.

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