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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Color co-coordination

Someone in SW Florida is unhappy about a lime green painted house.

One new homeowner might have been "in love" with the color she painted her house, but the feeling apparently wasn't mutual for someone with a can of black spray paint.

The color — bright lime green — has drawn the attention and ire of neighbors since it was painted on the house last week.

Construction on the single-story Cape Coral home at Four Mile Cove and Southeast 16th Place, visible from Del Prado Boulevard, is near completion.

"If I flipped on a neon light, I'm pretty sure it would glow," Cape Coral Automotive manager Jeff Flesner said. "It's hideous."

Still, Flesner doesn't agree with the route someone took to express their color contempt.

Phrases including "No Alien Green," "Who paints their house this color?" "Bad Choice," and "Not in this Neighborhood," as well as a handful of profanities, were sprayed in black paint on the sides of the house sometime Sunday night or early Monday morning.

Police spokeswoman Dyan Lee said officers were alerted to the damage around 9:30 a.m. Monday when a foreman arrived to work. She said the cost to repaint has been estimated at $500.

A subcontractor of Oyster Bay Homes, the Fort Myers-based company responsible for building, painted over it by 2:30 Monday afternoon.

That color is kind of hideous. Apparently the owner thinks otherwise.

According to property records, the home is owned by a woman named Gloria Leal, who did not return telephone messages or answer the door at her other Cape Coral home Monday.

But Cookie Kakabadse, color coordinator for Oyster Bay Homes, said Leal came to her several months ago with the color swatch already in hand.

"She's in love with that color, and we're a custom builder so we gave her what she wanted," Kakabadse said.

"I'm pretty sure she has no intention of changing it, but I'm disappointed that people would do that (vandalize). That's no way to treat a new neighbor."

Agrred Ms. Kakabadse. Whomever did the spray painting is a vandal. If caught the police should pursue charges against the person.

One neighbor made me laugh.

"My son said maybe he ought to paint his house purple now, just so it would match," said Walt McCarty, who lives with his son just a few houses down.
Purple is a great color for a house but my HOA would never approve it. Nor would my big boss, dear wife.

Just as long as I can keep my purple bath towels. Ok?

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