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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


First some news out of Lake Worth

LAKE WORTH — Mayor Marc Drautz wants to open a neighborhood center where hundreds of laborers can gather to find work each morning, instead of having them wait along Lake and Lucerne avenues for employers to hire them.

City officials have spent several months trying to find a building for the center, similar to one planned in Jupiter. A city-owned building, now leased to the Palm Beach Health Department, may be the ideal location, Drautz said.

Drautz discussed the idea with County Commissioner Warren Newell and health department officials Monday. The plan, which is still preliminary, would put the labor center in the health department's 5,926-square-foot building on North F Street.


"We are just exploring it right now," Newell said. Lake Worth officials "approached us looking for a secure location for day laborers. We just responded by looking at whatever properties and assets the county had in the area."

Laura Hannah, assistant to Lake Worth's city manager, said getting workers to a central, secure location is critical.

"There is no doubt that this is a viable location," Hannah said.

In Jupiter, officials have said a similar neighborhood center will keep laborers from gathering on residential streets to find work — an issue that has drawn complaints from residents.

The Jupiter town council this month approved a three-year lease with Catholic Charities to operate the center out of a town-owned building. It is expected to serve 500 laborers, mostly Central-American immigrant workers.
That was out of today's Palm Beach Post. Here is a short bit of related news from Channel 12.

Plans to open a migrant work center in Jupiter have been delayed by a month.
The El Sol Center just announced it will not open until late August.
Originally, it was supposed to open by August first.
The reason for the delay?
They haven't been able to sign up enough employers.
Nearly 400 migrant workers have registered, but less than 15 employers have signed up.
They want 40 to 50.

The idea behind both these centers is to get the migrants(illegals) off the street corners where employers come looking for labor.

Oh and I have the simple answer to why only 15 employers have come forward in Jupiter. Something about it being illegal to hire workers who don't have the proper ID to work in this country.

The illegals are here, and as I've said before we'll never deport them. There is a myriad of reasons for this. They should be treated humanely, unless they commit felonies.

It would be nice if the media was truthful about who these people were. As to our politicians, they should pay more attention to their voting constituents needs than wasting time, resources and dollars on these projects. Let the illegals and those who hire them do as they have been doing. I really question how much these centers will change the behavior or practices of either of them.

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