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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Happy anniversary

What type of anniversary? Wedding? No. Blogging? No. The day you lost your mind? Now that I can't remember......

No its 16 years since Dear Wife arrived in the states. She had born and grew up in the Philippines. On December 17th, 1989 she arrived at LAX from Manila. I flew there to meet her flight.

I was supposed to have been in the Philippines on December 1st of that year and gone with DW to her embassy interview on December 5th. Just our bad luck a coup attempt(the bloodiest ever while Corazon Aquino was President) happened on the same day I was supposed to arrive. Manila airport was closed. My NW airlines flight LAX-Seoul-Manila went LAX-Anchorage-Seoul. Three days of frantic phone calls to speak to DW(who was with a family member who had no phone) ensued till I had no other option but return stateside. A few hours after I boarded a plane to LAX, Manila airport opened. Bad timing. Another instance of bad luck.

DW made it through her interview alright and her fear of flying and got here. 16 years of life here in the states, most of which was alot less boring than those two weeks in early December 1989 have followed. My wife became a US citizen in January 1994.

I have a few tales to tell about INS and immigration. It took 5.5 months(which is short today) from the time I applied for DW till her arrival in the US. I can speak on immigration issues from personal knowledge.

Happy Anniversary sweetheart. It was worth it to bring you here.

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