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Friday, October 01, 2010

The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Yale Enforcement Services. You know, the insecure people you see around public places and hospitals. They get the award for their treatment of me yesterday as I tried to visit JFK Hospital to see my dying mother-in-law.

Yes Nanay is dying. She was put in hospice last night. Her health is deteriorating rapidly and her time on earth now is measured in days and maybe even hours.

Back to what happened yesterday. Nanay was still in the CCU at JFK and I came to visit shortly after 5 p.m. Her two daughters had been there almost all day.

JFK requires you to check in at the desk and get a badge. How the hell this makes the hospital safe, I have no idea. Nobody searches my body or anything I'm bringing in. This check-in is as useless as the requirement for photo identification before flying.

The guards also, are rather useless people. They are good for walking or driving around in circles and hassling people coming to visit sick loved ones. Should their ever be any real trouble, they'll as likely to flee to Dunkin Donuts as they are to try helping calm any disturbance.

I say I'm there to visit my mother-in-law who's in CCU. He says come back at 8. I tell insecure man my Nanay is being readied for a move to Hospice(JFK has a hospice on site). He says come back after 8 again. CCU(and ICU's) visiting hours are 10-5 and 8-9 daily. JFK's hours are really inconvenient but that's the subject for another post.

As chance has it, my sister-in-law was coming downstairs. I tell insecure man, who was refusing to give me a name badge, that our family is staying with my mother-in-law around the clock. The CCU door is locked during non-visiting hours, the staff has to buzz people in. It's not his job to be screening me.

I got my badge but I'm pissed. This shit for brains asshole is keeping me from my dying relative. I told a JFK Hospital official about what happened and I'm going to raise a further stink about these morons. The guy from yesterday should be fired or put on dumpster watching detail. In the meantime, I name Yale Enforcement Services today's Knucklehead of the Day.

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