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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where's the dramamine? Chapter Twenty Eight

Compare the headlines of the Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post today for two stories on foreclosures in Palm Beach County. First we have the Post-

Analysts wary of drop in foreclosure filings

Now the Sentinel-

Foreclosures accelerating in Palm Beach County

Just unbelievable, isn't it? Especially since both these newspapers share stories with the other and both articles cited the same report from a California firm. Does anyone actually read them?

In all seriousness, when will the South Florida media pick up on the outrage known as the 'Rocket Docket'? Judges, here in Palm Beach County it is mostly the work of Meenu Sasser and Roger Colton, are ruling on foreclosure cases in a matter of minutes.(Please read this court transcript carefully. Especially on page 8 where Colton asks 'Where are my lawyere?' when referring to plaintiff's counsel) Criminals get months in the courtroom before losing their liberty. A homeowner is lucky to get more than five minutes. Some but not enough judges in Florida are catching on to the fraud being done by banks and their attorneys in foreclosure filing. One day I expect a big expose to be written about it but it will probably be too late for thousands of homeowners.

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