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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yesterday I had a few scary minutes.

It was about 4 p.m. when I got a phone call from my wife. I picked up the phone but she wasn't talking. Suddenly I hear her yell "You hit my car."

After that Leonita said nothing. I hung up the phone and tried calling her back. She didn't answer, but soon after I hung up again, she dialed back but again Leonita wasn't talking.

Not knowing if Leonita was hurt, whether the other driver attacked her(People are nuts), etc, I jumped into my sister-in-law's car and drove the 1.5 miles to where I believed Leonita to be. My mother-in-law is still hospitalized, and Leonita's sister Nanette is staying with us. If not, I wouldn't have been able to drive over and investigate.

A woman in her 20's backed her Ford Expedition into Leonita and our Maxima as my wife drove through the parking lot of JFK Hospital. Our front passenger door is badly damaged and can't be opened. The car is running and there is no other visible damage. I have collision insurance but rather try to get the other driver's insurance to pay. In a parking lot accident, the driver of the car backing up is at fault.(Leonita tells me the woman yelled at her shortly after the accident. "How did you miss my big ass?") I've already filed a claim with the other driver's insurance company(Equity). An adjustor will soon contact me.

Leonita hasn't been in a accident as a driver ever since she first got her license in 1993. She has never even had a ticket.

Leonita was phyically all right, just a little shaken. I was the same, entirely due to the abrupt phone calls I had. One occupant of the other vehicle was going to the hospital. One of the Atlantis firemen who responded said 'she was playing the game', though she also apparently claimed to be 1-2 months pregnant.

Right now this is all more stress when my wife and I have tons of it already. I do thank God Leonita is safe and unharmed.


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