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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Prayers for Nanay

My mother-in-law has lived with my wife and I for most of the last 14 years except for when she has returned to the Philippines for visits. Nanay and I get along very well.

Nanay was diagnosed with thyroid cancer over 10 years ago. Approximately five years later it metastasized to other body parts. Nanay has done both chemo and radiation for her cancer.

It recurred again a little over a month ago. Nanay underwent radiation and shortly these treatments ended, she was re-admitted to the hospital. She was having complications due to cancer treatments.

I won't recall everything that has gone wrong in the last three weeks, but the list is long. Yesterday, Nanay suffered a ischemic stroke and she is back in the ICU. She was confused at first, but remembered everyone last night. She is lethargic however.

Nanay is 75 years old. Please say a prayer for her.


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