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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blog Discipline

Saying the truth about an idiot judge can get a lawyer in bigger trouble than the judge's behavior does. From the Sun-Sentinel-

A defense attorney's law license is at risk because he posted an angry description on the Internet of embattled Broward Circuit Judge Cheryl Alemán, calling her an "evil, unfair witch."Last week, as Alemán was on trial for alleged misconduct before the Judicial Qualifications Commission, The Florida Bar signed off on its finding that Sean Conway may have violated five bar rules, including impugning the judge's qualifications or integrity.

In the Halloween 2006 posting on a blog, Conway denounced Alemán for what he said was an "ugly, condescending attitude" and questioned her mental stability after, he says, she unlawfully forced attorneys to choose between unreasonable trial dates or waiving their clients' rights to a speedy trial.

Conway, a former Broward assistant public defender now in private practice, said Wednesday he feels justified in his comments.

"She was giving people one week to prepare for trial and as soon as the blog exposed it through powerful words she stopped it," he said. "And that's why I stand by what I did. Sometimes the language the bar approves of doesn't get the job done."

Conway, 36, also filed a complaint against Alemán with the Judicial Qualifications Commission, the state agency that polices judicial conduct, citing her "deliberate refusal" to follow the law and insolent behavior. Conway says he hasn't heard from the commission since a May 29 letter acknowledging his complaint.

Alemán was unavailable for comment Wednesday.

In the meantime, the judge awaits the outcome of her three-day trial for allegedly threatening to hold defense attorneys in contempt and refusing to remove herself from cases in which she had an acrimonious relationship with the defense attorney.

If she's found guilty, she could face anything from a public reprimand to removal from the bench. Likewise, if Conway is found guilty of violating bar rules, he could face discipline ranging from a reprimand to disbarment.
Knucklehead Judge Alemán looks destined to get nothing more than a reprimand. Because at the end of last week's hearing that's what Lansing Scriven, counsel for the Judicial Qualifications Commission asked for.

Alemán's inability to assess her own conduct called for the reprimand, Scriven told the commission's six-person panel.
While at the same time Scriven said "This is a judge who doesn't have the ability to see what others see."

I've stated repeatedly that Judges need to be held to a higher standard. They have too much power and can take people's liberty and possessions through their rulings. Alemán, as I said last week, deserves nothing less than being removed from the bench.

Now the lawyer who brings this woman's judgment into question, could face repercussions for stating the truth. I know there are bar rules, but muzzling people from calling out injustices is that just itself? Episodes like this tells you a great deal about the legal system today and how justice is a disgrace in much of this country. You'll be damned for telling the truth.

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