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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Publishing mistake

From the Mainchi Daily News-

Major publishing house Kodansha Ltd. has decided to cancel publication of the next issue of its Friday pictorial magazine due to a serious mistake, company officials said Thursday.

The company explained on its Website that it had no choice but to cancel publication of the Friday Oct. 19 issue after concluding that it could not correct the mistake in time for its publication scheduled for Friday this week.

The company has not specified the mistake. However, sources close to the publishing house said the mistake involves an article about the death of a 17-year-old sumo wrestler belonging to the Tokitsukaze stable who died under suspicious circumstances.

The name of one of the sumo wrestlers who is suspected of beating up the victim was incorrectly listed and a photo of the wrong wrestler was carried, according to the sources.
Kodansha Ltd better understands the ramifications of bad reporting than the New York Times. The Times last March published a front cover Times magazine article after learning the story of sexual abuse being claimed by one female soldier was totally untrue. The Times severely damaging its credibility because of the cost it would have incurred having to fix the magazine. I'm sure Kodansha is going to lose money with the cancellation, but its reputation will remain intact.

I wonder if anyone in NYT management will take a lesson from Kodansha Ltd's experience. Somehow I don't think the newspaper will.

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