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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Health update

I'm going to the oncologist this afternoon. My guess is from our previous discussions, is that I'll be doing high dose interferon for my stage III melanoma. This beginning sometime in the next few weeks. I'll update this post later today.

The reason for my cancer recurrence may have become clearer today. A recent biopsy I had, discovered a fifth melanoma on me. A Clark IV level one. Since it was 13 years since my previous skin cancer, its probable the disease being in my lymph glands now is due to this cancer, not the earlier ones.

I got a faxed copy of the biopsy report to show to the oncologist. We'll be talking about this too later today.

Update- I begin interferon treatments a week from tomorrow. The doctor wants me to get the slides of my latest biopsy(Lymph nodes and the melanoma.) He suspects the two are related.

I may do a little more blogging today. If not, I got a hockey game to watch tonight.

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