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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Annika, Julieta, and the ADT

Will four-time champion Annika Sorenstam be at next month's year ending LPGA tournament? Craig Dolch at the Palm Beach Post writes-

Staging the ADT Championship at Trump International without Annika Sorenstam wouldn't seem right.

The former world No. 1 has won the event four times and also finished second once. She also met her fiancé, Mike McGee, at the event. But because her schedule this year has been limited due to back and neck injuries, Sorenstam still hasn't clinched a spot in the 32-player field.

She's 12th in the second-half standings, with the top 13 in points getting in, based on top-10 finishes.


That's why Sorenstam went to Thailand this week (she's tied for seventh entering today's final round) and she also decided to add the Nov. 8-11 Mitchell Company Tournament of Champions in Mobile, Ala., an event she has played in only once since 1999.
This week's high finishes by Laura Davies and Rachel Hetherington are definitely going to muddy the waters as to if Annika will play at the ADT. Both finished 2nd and 4th respectively to Annika's 6th at the tournament in Thailand. Laura was 15th in ADT points and Rachel 16th. The points list hasn't been updated yet, but when it does I wouldn't be surprised if Annika becomes the golfer on the bubble(13th).

My take- I think Annika will make the ADT. Next weekend is the Mizuno Classic, a tournament Annika won five years in a row before the streak was ended last year. If the Swede doesn't win again in Japan, I'm betting Sorenstam finishes high enough to get a boost in the points standings.

As for 2006 ADT Champion Julieta Granada.

Alas, it's looking more doubtful Julieta Granada will get a chance to defend her title. She's 22nd in the second-half standings.
She will need a miracle to qualify and sadly I don't think it will happen. Maybe the ADT's qualifying rules should be changed in the future. A spot being reserved for the defending champion. I would support such a change.

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