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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weekly Dolphins prediction

Another NFL season is upon us. That means it is time to get my dusty crystal ball off the shelf and make my Dolphins picks for the year. I was 11-5 in predicting their games last year.

Miami is playing at Washington this week. Expectations for Miami are slim compared to last year, though I did see someone say Miami could start 4-2 this year. The team does have 3 flyweights on the schedule in the first three weeks, Oakland, Cleveland and Houston. Then I could also add, Miami has lost both its only ever games with Houston, and gotten clobbered by Cleveland the last time the teams played. Yes Miami could open 4-2 or 1-5 also. I think it will fall somewhere in between, probably 2-4. Overall I'm predicting Miami to go 5-11 this year.

Washington isn't much better than Miami, but they have a fine defense which is liable to cause fits for the aging Trent Green. My prediction- Washington 24, Miami 14.

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