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Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Knuckleheads of the Day award

Today's winners are the New England Patriots Football team and their Head Coach Bill Belichick. They get the award for the following.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has determined that the New England Patriots violated league rules Sunday when they videotaped defensive signals by the New York Jets' coaches, according to league sources.

NFL security officials confiscated a camera and videotape from Patriots video assistant Matt Estrella on the New England sidelines when it was suspected he was recording the Jets' defensive signals. Sources say the visual evidence confirmed the suspicion.

Goodell is considering severe sanctions, including the possibility of docking the Patriots "multiple draft picks" because it is the competitive violation in the wake of a stern warning to all teams since he became commissioner, the sources said. The Patriots have been suspected in previous incidents.
If the cheating charges are true, New England deserves whatever penalty Goodell hands down. There is some question about how long or often the Patriots have been doing this. Miami Dolphin LB Joey Porter says this was the first time New England was caught. However there is this news about a Patriot-Packer game last year. Travis G wondering "They won three Super Bowls by an average of just 3 points. Did ’spying’ occur in those games, and if it did, did it make the difference?…"

Coach Bill Belichick had a few things to say and not say yesterday.
Belichick issued a one-paragraph statement 10 minutes before his regular Wednesday availability, saying he has spoken with Goodell "about a videotaping procedure during last Sunday's game and my interpretation of the rules."

"Although it remains a league matter, I want to apologize to everyone who has been affected, most of all ownership, staff and players," the statement said. "Following the league's decision, I will have further comment."

It was not clear whether Belichick was apologizing for his actions or the distraction it has caused his team as it prepares for Sunday night's marquee game against San Diego. But if he thought — or even hoped — that the standing-room crowd of media was there to talk about the Chargers, he failed to prepare in the manner that has made him one of the most successful coaches in the history of the league.

Never one to relish his interactions with the media, Belichick grimly refused to respond to a half-dozen questions about the scandal, possible punishments and the potential effect on his team. Begging for a football question, he seemed ready to abort the news conference after just a few minutes at the podium.
Coach you got caught cheating redhanded. So you better get used to the questions, or maybe better yet resign. If we give you the benefit of a doubt and say this was a one-time occurence, you have still managed to call into dispute all three Super Bowl Championships the Patriots have won. Did any cheating take place then? Fans, reporters and league officials have a legitimate right to ask that question.

For the sake of the Patriots reputation(what's left of it), it may be time for the coach to resign. In the meantime, I make The New England Patriots and Bill Belichick today's Knuckleheads of the Day.

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