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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Double talk

Do you believe those Presidential candidates when they say they won't campaign in Florida. It is a bunch of baloney. From today's Sarasota Herald-Tribune-

Don't take this pledge too seriously.

Three days after signing a pledge not to campaign for Florida's presidential primary, the leading Democratic candidates are moving forward with their campaigns here.

Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama are scheduled in Miami this weekend. Then, Clinton has five events in Florida next Monday. Obama's campaign has fundraising stops scheduled for Tampa and St. Petersburg later this month.

But how is this possible? Didn't the candidates pledge to honor a national Democratic edict to punish Florida for moving its primary to Jan. 29?

Not quite.

Backers for the top candidates said Tuesday the pledge was so loosely worded, it leaves open plenty of opportunities to appear in Florida. They also believe the fight between state and national Democrats over the primary date will be settled before the vote.

The bottom line: Florida is just too important to write off, pledge or not, political experts say.
So the pledge is an empty gesture. Meant probably for voters living in Iowa, New Hampshire etc. It really shouldn't be surprising, I'll admit to being wrong about the timing, what serious Democrat or Republican hopeful wants to antagonize Florida voters or contributors? None, if they want to be elected President in November 2008.

Other related news- Charlie Crist said he has no intention of approving a change to Florida's presidential primary date. Stand firm Governor.

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