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Monday, August 20, 2007

Virginity test

From Reuters-

JAKARTA (Reuters) - A plan to carry out virginity tests on female high school students in a district in Indonesia's West Java province has been dropped after a public outcry, media reports said.

The head of Indramayu district, Irianto Syafiuddin, is reported to have made the proposal for virginity tests after a video showing two high school students having sex circulated via mobile phones.

"Because many people oppose it, we cancelled (the plan)," Syafiuddin was quoted as saying by online news service

Syafiuddin could not immediately be contacted, but according to media reports he will look for an alternative way to prevent students from engaging in pre-marital sex.

Students, parents and activists viewed the planned virginity tests on thousands of high school students in the district as a violation of human rights, the Jakarta Post said.

"We can't accept this idea. It's unfair as the porn video was just an isolated case," a female student, Gita, was quoted as saying by the Post.

Many in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country, place high value on virginity, although pre-marital sex is not uncommon among the younger generation.
Remaining celibate till one is married, is the preferred course.(And what dear wife and I did till we married in 1989. TFM the last of the 28-year-old virgins. Tells you how ugly I am but the wife disagrees) However it should be up to the individual, and a test while I don't think is a human rights violation, is an abuse of power by government officials. Why not test boys too? We all know the reason but female students do deserve privacy and the ability to choose how they conduct their sex lives without the interference of government.

Note- If someone wants to argue then that if I were to be consistent I would then have to be pro-choice, I'd admit they have a point. I'm admittedly ambivalent in regards to the abortion issue. As a parent, I'm pro-life and think the taking of a human life to be disgusting. On the other hand, I prefer government staying out of people's lives as much as possible. In other words, I'd rather not talk about it(Don't tell my wife. LOL, she is very pro-life.) and let others debate whether abortion should be legal or illegal.

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