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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I got my results

Of last week's surgery. A nurse from the doctor's office called around lunch-time. There was cancer in the lymph node. I'm scheduled for more surgery(more nodes removed) on September 18th. Just happens to be my wife's 46th birthday that day. What a present, right?

I still go back to the surgeon tomorrow for stitch removal and follow-up. The Thursday after Labor Day, I'll see my oncologist. He'll likely order diagnostic tests to ensure the cancer isn't any where but my nodes at present. I was due for my yearly checkup on the 24th of September to start with.

Going from no cancer for 12 years to having a recurrence is a big shock. Stage III melanoma stats aren't bad but they are much more iffy than Stage II. Then that's based if this is the only node with cancer, which we don't know yet. Five year survival rates range from 25-65%.

I'm depressed right now, and not in the mood for blogging. I may take a rest from it for a few days, or permanently. Right now I don't know. I guess I'll hang around a little longer, I need something to do. Ask me again tomorrow, that might change. LOL, maybe I'll be seeing my son Daniel again soon.

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