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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fly me to Manila

From the Honolulu Advertiser-

Hawaiian Airlines said it plans to fly to the Philippines starting in March, in what could be the first of several new routes in Asia.

The state's largest airline said yesterday that it will fly at least four weekly flights between Honolulu and Manila, making it the only domestic airline to fly nonstop between the two destinations.

"We see tremendous opportunity to increase travel on this route in light of the deep historical and cultural ties Hawai'i has to the Philippines, Manila's large population of over 10 million people, its growing international business sector and substantial middle class with the inclination and means to travel," said Mark Dunkerley, Hawaiian's chief executive officer.

The move, which requires approval from U.S. and Philippine authorities, will allow Hawaiian to recall 11 furloughed pilots and hire additional flight attendants.
With Hawaii having a large Filipno-American population, I would certainly there would be a market for Honolulu flights. At this time, I think Philippine Airlines is the only carrier doing that route non-stop seven days a week.(Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.)

If Hawaiian Air is successful in getting these routes, they would become like another carrier Alaska Airlines that many people think of as a regional carrier. When in fact Alaska flies(or once flew) to stops in Russia and Mexico in addition to domestic routes.(Note I was singularly unimpressed with Alaska the one and only time I flew them. Waiting an hour for my luggage will do that.)

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