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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


That is pretty much what describes PGA Tour golfers and how they feel towards the the new Fedex Cup.

K.J. Choi of South Korea doesn't speak English fluently, but he clearly reflected the confusion surrounding the FedEx Cup when he recently said that if he won he would donate the $10 million first prize to underprivileged kids in his homeland.

While it's true that an oversized check with a dollar sign, a 1 and seven zeros on it will be handed to the points leader after the Tour Championship Sept. 16, the winner won't actually see that money for a while. The check is deferred money that goes into the player's retirement account.
I didn't even know the money was deferred. Then what's the purpose of the Fedex Cup?

Choi isn't the only one who doesn't understand the workings of the FedEx Cup, a four-tournament series run by the PGA Tour that starts with this week's Barclays Classic in Rye, N.Y. Said Boo Weekley: "I don't know nothing about the FedEx Cup. I never was good at math."

Jupiter's Brett Quigley added, "Don't have a clue. It's all ridiculous."

Hunter Mahan, who should care after shooting up the FedEx standings this summer, said he tried to study all of the nuances but to no avail: "I don't have a Harvard education."

Even Phil Mickelson, who seems to know something about everything, admitted after his final round at the PGA Championship: "I don't understand how it all works."
Pro Golf isn't team sports. Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and Football have playoffs. Sports like Tennis, Golf, Horse racing, have you call the Grand Slam or the Triple Crown. Everything else is window dressing. You can dress up a pig in the most beautiful garment but the trouble it. Its still a pig. The four Fedex tournaments are just tour stops to me.(Barclays will always be Westchester. I still remember most tournaments by their old names. Sponsors come and go with few exceptions. The Honda Classic being a notable exception.)

If players don't care about or understand the Fedex Cup, that doesn't bode well for this gimmick's future. Anyone want to make predictions on how long it lasts? I say 2014.(If there isn't a contractual agreement with Fedex for a date past that year.)

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