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Monday, July 16, 2007

Where's the dramamine? Part Eighteen

Yesterday there was an armored truck robbery in Miami. Let's compare some of the reporting. From yesterday-

The suspects fired at police, and the officers managed to return fire, Moreno said. Officers pursued the suspects -- who were driving a stolen car, police said -- until they caught up with them near Northwest 30th Avenue and 14th Street.

One of the suspects leaned out of the window and starting shooting at officers again, Moreno said, according to Miami Herald news partner WFOR-CBS 4. The officers did not return fire and immediately broke off the pursuit.
From Today-

But it wasn't over yet. Officers caught up with the car again near Northwest 30th Avenue and 14th Street.

This time, the suspects pointed their weapons at officers out their car window but did not fire, Moreno said.
Both reports come from the Miami Herald and the same reporter Evan Benn! So what is it, did the suspects shoot or not?

CBS Channel 4 sort of confirms the first version.

As police arrived at the church, Moreno said gunfire was exchanged the suspects made it to their car and escaped.
Except the gunfire happened as while suspects made it to the car rather while they were in their car. All from the same witness too!

Welcome to the South Florida MSM. Just wait five minutes, our reporters will report the facts in the same story in two or three entirely different fashions.

A big hat tip to Rick at SOTP. He and his co-blogger Alex run my favorite South Florida area blog.
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