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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Goodbye Daunte Culpepper

The former Pro Bowler was let go this afternoon.

MIAMI - The Miami Dolphins released quarterback Daunte Culpepper on Tuesday, ending the former Pro Bowler's short stint in South Florida and wrapping up what became a contentious split between the player and the team.

The Dolphins made the move in a one-sentence release, without further comment.

Miami tried for weeks to trade Culpepper, the former Minnesota star who was acquired by the Dolphins before the 2006 season even though he was coming off major knee surgery. Culpepper never regained his form last year, struggling in four games before the team shut him down so he could continue rehabilitating the knee.

A grievance filed by the NFL Players Association on Culpepper's behalf against the Dolphins was scheduled to be heard Wednesday, after the team told Culpepper he couldn't fully participate in offseason practices. That move came shortly after Miami traded with Kansas City for quarterback Trent Green, who's expected to be the new starter for the Dolphins.
Daunte's future in Miami became doubtful the moment Nick Saban left town. A little over a year ago Miami thought Culpepper was the team's salvation at QB, that he was healthier and cheaper than the injured Drew Brees. Two second round picks(The trade for Culpepper, plus the 2007 selection of Beck) plus a fifth round pick(The Trent Green deal)later and Miami's QB situation is still murky. Will Beck develop as the team hopes? Will Green do a good job in the interim? The team still has questions but few answers. One answer we know for sure. When asked what the Dolphins experience with Daunte Culpepper was, the word fiasco is the only proper reply.

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