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Friday, July 13, 2007

Employee of the month

Some news from the Fort Myers News-Press-

A Target cashier was arrested Wednesday for stealing a customer’s credit card and using to steal $500, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Shani Castillo, 16 of 1910 Sunset Place, Fort Myers, has been charged with one count of credit card fraud and one count of grand theft.

The arrest occurred after Janice Krock, 59 of Fort Myers, made a purchase at the south Fort Myers Target using her Discovery Card but left the card at the cash register, according to Sgt. Larry King.

Krock went home and received a call from Discover asking about a $500 expenditure, but Krock informed the company she had not made any such purchase, King said. After realizing she did not have her card, she reported it stolen and notified deputies of the unauthorized expenditure.

A review of surveillance tapes showed Castillo had been Krock’s cashier.

King said Castillo had used Krock’s credit card to purchase $500 worth of Target gift cards, then used the gift cards to buy goods using her employee discount.
No more Red and Khaki for Ms. Castillo. I still don't understand why retail stores don't ask to see photo identification when a credit card is used. Millions, if not billions, would be saved by stores and credit card companies. Card owners shouldn't mind being checked either. Its for our own safety after all.

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