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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Where's the Dramamine? Part Sixteen

Boy am I am having fun following the media coverage of the US Women's Open.

Yesterday we had a reporter contradicting himself in the same article about Se Ri Pak. Today's example of journalistic inconsistency comes from two South Florida newspaper reporters. First we have Alan Tays version from the Palm Beach Post-

Mexico's Ochoa would like to be in that position. She knows one of the first steps is to win her first major. Her best chance came at the 2005 Open at Cherry Hills, where she was three under par for her final round before hitting her 18th-hole tee shot into the water, making a quadruple-bogey and finishing four shots behind winner Birdie Kim.

Now read what Jeff Shain wrote at the Miami Herald-

Even more heart wrenching, perhaps, was the Open two years ago at Cherry Hills.

Playing an hour in front of the final groups, Ochoa's back-nine charge left her in position to take a share of the lead into the clubhouse with a par at No. 18.

Instead, she snap-hooked her 3-wood into a lake. The ensuing triple bogey dropped her to sixth behind surprise winner Birdie Kim.
Triple bogey, Quadruple bogey, were these two sports writers in the same room but hearing different things? Ochoa made a quadruple bogey eight by the way.

The Golf MSM- If we can't get the facts right in the same article, why do you think we can do it in the same state?

On a side note- Alan Tays is looking at two possible knucklehead awards when I have my July 4th marathon. For the above article, and for one he wrote yesterday. Two articles, four very dumb careless mistakes between them. Why did the Palm Beach Post send this clueless idiot to cover the US Women's Open when they have Craig Dolch as their golf writer is beyond me. Maybe because of his son Eric. That I'd understand.

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