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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Where's the Dramamine? Part Fifteen

The US Women's Golf Open starts tomorrow. As can be expected, the tournament is getting a great deal of press.

For example Luke Decock at the Raleigh News & Observer writing-

Se Ri Pak wasn't the first, but she might as well have been alone when she joined the LPGA Tour full time in 1998. There were only two other South Korean players on the tour; and Pak, 21, fought her culture shock alone.
Later in the same article Mr. Decock writes-

When a 20-year-old Pak won the Women's Open in 1998 after an unprecedented 20-hole playoff, it was front-page news in Korea. People who had never watched golf before stayed up through the night to watch Pak's marathon battle with Duke golfer Jenny Chuasiriporn.
The Korean Golf Queen regressed one year of age in the same newspaper article. Isn't it amazing the MSM can do such a thing? Cue the sarcastic laughter.

Se Ri's correct age is 20. Her birthday is September 28, 1977.

I could also add that the 20-hole playoff at the 1998 US Open Open wasn't unprecedented. The 1994 US Men's Open also went 20 holes. A US Open in the 1930's went, 72 holes. I'll give Mr. Decock the benefit of the doubt in that meant LPGA history.

TFM watchdog of the Golf MSM. It's a lonely job, but I'll do it.

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