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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Totally blind

Randy Schultz and company at the Palm Beach Post again show how little they know about matters outside of Palm Beach County.

According to Broadcasting & Cable magazine, the ex-Broward County judge who cried when ruling on who would take possession of Anna Nicole Smith's remains, will shoot a pilot show for CBS Television Distribution. As was rumored in February, when Larry Seidlin was embarrassing himself, the state and his profession, Mr. Seidlin hopes to play a judge on TV. That figures. He was playing at being a judge when he was on the bench.

America needs another "judge" show as much as America needs a Paris Hilton update. There's Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown and Judge Hatchett, just to name three opportunities for average citizens and washed-up reality-show "stars" to humiliate themselves before the camera. Think of the shows as the "classier" Jerry Springer or Maury Povich. Here's part of the story line for the July 5 Judge Hatchett: "The plaintiff states that when she rented a room in the defendant's home, she was up-front about being a stripper ... The defendant says the plaintiff is a drug-addled prostitute."

Broward and the state gain by shedding a lousy jurist.
Was Seidlin a lousy jurist or just a theatrical one? Has the Post or the Broward County paper Sun-Sentinel reported on other legal matters concerning this judge? Not that I know of.

On the other hand, lets look at some other Broward County Judges-

Former Chief Judge Dale Ross- Helps to seal Court Records for colleagues and influential people in the County. Randy and the Post editorial board can't plead ignorance on this story, for it was reported in the Palm Beach Post also. Then Maybe Randy and Company don't read the Post. LOL.
Chery O'Connor- Had a prospective juror candidate arrested
Former Judge Lawrence Korda- Arrested for smoking marijuana.
Cheryl Aleman- Had lawyer arrested and been charged with violating several canons or rules while on the bench
Larry Moe- Orders attorney's fees paid at the rate of $1050 an hour.
Leonard Feiner- Insults and makes disparaging comments towards courthouse employees
Charles Greene- Had a court stenographer jailed.

What is Seidlin compared to all the above Broward County judges? A nuisance, a goofball, but not really embarassing when you look at the bigger picture of what's going on in the county south of here. The Palm Beach Post Editorial Board once again has shown their ignorance about happenings in another part of Florida. Last November, the Post editorialized about the November elections, totally oblivious of what was going on in the Florida 13th Congressional race. If the paper is so ignorant about the goings on in Broward thirty miles away from the Post's home office, and less than ten from Randy Schultz's South County home(I believe he lives in Boca Raton), how well informed are they about National matters? You have to wonder.

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