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Monday, June 25, 2007

Too many distractions

Some news from Manila-

MANILA (Reuters) - The Catholic Church has issued guidelines on what Filipinos should wear to mass in Manila after some parishioners complained about distracting skimpy attire.

"This is to remind people that it would be good to come in appropriate clothing because other people are scandalised," said Peachy Yamsuan of the archdiocese of Manila on Monday.

"It is for the other worshippers who are distracted. You come to the church to pray and if your eyes wander and you see inappropriate clothes, well, it does not add to your spiritual goals."

The majority of the Philippines' 87 million people are Catholic and worshippers throng sweltering churches each Sunday, although some devotees attend religious services in air-conditioned malls, giving the ceremony an informal air.

But Manila's archdiocese has issued posters advising women not to wear short skirts, revealing necklines and spaghetti-strap tops to mass, while men are warned against shorts, caps and basketball jerseys.
The Philippines is rather conservative as to its practice of Roman Catholicism, so this edict isn't terribly surprising.

Other distractions at mass can include blue eyed foreigners. I remember the first time I attended church in my wife's home town.(Tacloban) There was this very cute girl age 18 months to two years in the row in front of us. She couldn't stop staring at me. My blue eyes have the same effect on most Philippine females 30 and under in Tacloban. Blue eyed foreigners seldom travel to the islands of Leyte and Samar. Do I risk excommunication if I go to mass at Sto Nino or Redemptorist Catholic Church(Where my church wedding took place) in the future? Cue the sarcastic laughter.

BTW the only air conditioned churches I been to in that country were at US military installations. Churches in malls are probably only found in Manila, not in the boondock regions of the Philippines.

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