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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Spare the rod, Broil the child

Some news from South Korea. Since the article is in Korean, we'll have to rely on Robert Koehler's translation.

Angry at his noisy students, a music teacher in Dongducheon last week shut off the classroom air conditioning and turned on an electric heater.

Keep in mind, it was like 30 degrees Celsius outside, and being a music room, there were curtains on all the walls to dampen the sound, meaning there was very little air circulation.

In addition to the sauna treatment, each of the male students got a wack to the palms of the hands, while the girls had to sit on their knees on top of their desks.

This continued for about 15 minutes.

After the parents complained, the school demanded a written explanation from the teacher and an apology, which they got. The school also plans to punish the teacher appropriately.
That classroom must have become like an oven after fifteen minutes. Did school officials need to use Easy Off afterwards? Cue the sarcastic laughter.

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