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Saturday, June 16, 2007

On the roof

Some news from India. My maternal grandfather used to say that is where the complaint department was located.

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KOLKATA, India (Reuters) - A prisoner who went missing from a jail in eastern India for almost 24 hours was found by prison guards snoring on the roof of the jail, officials said on Friday.

Raju Gaji, 19, arrested for banditry and theft and sent to a jail in Kolkata earlier this month, told police he was bored with the prison routine and wanted to catch up on some sleep.

"We had sounded the alarm and were looking for him everywhere, but he could not be traced," B.D. Sharma, a senior police officer told Reuters.

On Thursday afternoon, prison guards heard loud snoring from one of the buildings.

"They climbed on top of the roof and found Gaji sleeping," Sharma added.

A groggy Gaji seemed surprised when he found himself surrounded by guards pointing rifles at him, a senior jail official said.

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