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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Burglar alarm

More news about April and Michael Moylan who I blogged about two days ago.

Authorities say the St. Lucie County man who walked into an emergency room Tuesday morning with a bullet in his head could face the same charge as his wife in connection with the bizarre incident: unlawful firearm possession by a convicted felon.

Hospital officials said Michael Eugene Moylan, 45, was "stable and resting comfortably" in a West Palm Beach trauma center Wednesday, the day after he strode into the emergency room in Port St. Lucie complaining to doctors about head pain.

Doctors and a police officer on duty at the hospital told Moylan he had been shot in the head, deputies said.

After changing their story several times, the Moylans told investigators that the alarm went off at their posh St. Lucie County home around 4:15 a.m. That startled his wife, April, who sleeps with a loaded .38 revolver under her pillow even though both she and her husband are convicted felons, St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara said.

The home's alarm prompted April Moylan, 39, to go for the gun and pull the trigger, shooting her husband behind his right ear, she told deputies.

"That's the final version they both came up with last night," Mascara said Wednesday.
The story sounded fishy to start with, but this is Florida where screwball stuff happens almost daily. A loaded revolver under your pillow, who did April think she is? James Bond?

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