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Sunday, April 01, 2007

The pilot is God human

From AP-

The pilots of a passenger jet argued moments before it crashed last month at an Indonesian airport, killing 21 people, a senior investigator said in an interview broadcast Sunday.

The Garuda Airlines' Boeing 737-400 burst into flames after overshooting the runway and skidding into a rice field when landing March 7 at Yogyakarta airport on the main island of Java.

Chief investigator Tatang Kurniadi said his preliminary findings would point to human error as the cause of the disaster.

"I worry that this accident came from the absent-mindedness from the cockpit," Kurniadi said in the Nine Network interview.

The airliner's cockpit audio recordings revealed that the pilot and co-pilot were arguing over their speed and wing flap angles moments before the crash, Kurniadi said.

The captain and co-pilot, who were among the 119 survivors of the crash, were flying together for the first time, he said.

The captain had "enough experience" after flying more than 15,000 hours, while the co-pilot was a "young pilot" with 2,000 flying hours, he said.

The co-pilot demanded the pilot "go around" abandon the landing attempt and make a second approach, Kurniadi said.

The pilot proceeded to land so fast that the co-pilot could only partially extend the flaps supposed to slow it down, Nine reported.
Yikes. Pilots in theory should take input from other crew members. In this crisis, it helped save many lives. The Garuda pilot on the other hand seems to believe in the cockpit hierarchy this airline had for many years. It took several disasters for the pilots working for KAL to learn that a flight crew has to work together. Their first job is the safety of passengers they are flying, not protecting the pilot's ego.

Unfortunately people had to pay with their lives for this stupidity first.

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