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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


From the Sun-Sentinel-

Eighteen deputies fired more than 280 bullets at a 21-year-old man and his SUV in Delray Beach last May after he got in a fight and led police on a 33-minute chase, firing repeatedly at them as he sped away, according to reports released Monday.

They hit Antonio Isaias of Boynton Beach 31 times, with 18 bullets lodging in his body, State Attorney Barry Krischer wrote in a report. Isaias -- a high school dropout with a steady job and a temper that often got him in trouble with police -- died from two fatal wounds.

Krischer determined last week that the deputies involved in the chase were justified in shooting Isaias, who endangered their lives as well as those of civilians, in the 19-mile pursuit on city streets and Interstate 95, from west of West Palm Beach to Delray Beach. There will be no criminal charges filed against the deputies, said Krischer, whose office investigated the shooting.

But Krischer questioned why 18 patrol deputies were pulled in on the chase.

"What's the tactical advantage there?" he asked. "That's a lot of traffic and intersections that they are driving through. It creates the possibility of a risk to the general population."
31 hits, 250 misses. Some people need some serious target practice(Cue the sarcastic laughter)

The hell with public safety, people's property safe from trespass or due process. This is Florida where the police with the help of the courts and prosecutors allow the police to be some of the most dangerous and lawbreaking people around.

When will one of these chases end with some innocent people getting killed? TFM is predicting it won't be long.

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