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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Goodbye Donnie

The 2006 Miami Dolphins punter will be playing for someone else in 2007. From Florida Today-

The Miami Dolphins have decided not to match the offer sheet punter Donnie Jones signed with the St. Louis Rams last week, instead choosing to accept another draft pick as compensation.

Miami gets the Rams' seventh-round choice, the 225th overall selection. The Dolphins now have 10 picks in the April 28-29 draft, including four of the first 71.

"Having 10 picks not only will allow us to add youth to our football team, but it also will give us a great deal of flexibility over the course of the draft," Dolphins general manager Randy Mueller said.
Another draft pick is good as long as (1)- The Dolphins draft a player who can produce. Not one single 2006 draftee made a mentionable contribution last season and (2) Miami doesn't trade the pick away for some piece of junk player.

With kick returner Wes Welker and placekicker Olindo Mare departing, the Dolphins' special teams will be very different in 2007.

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