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Monday, April 23, 2007

Florida the rules are different here Chapter CII

A Florida County sheriff is suing a former jail inmate to collect money for the man's time served. Something tells me Mr. Nicarry won't have the $365,000 the sheriff is seeking. Don't you just love Florida?

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Seminole County Sheriff Don Eslinger is suing a former jail inmate, saying the man should pay the agency $365,000, or $50 a day for every day of his 20-year prison sentence. Neal Everett Nicarry, 46, of Casselberry was sent to prison seven years ago for aggravated assault. He had burst out of a backyard shed in 1998 with a screwdriver in his hand and was found guilty of trying to attack several of Eslinger's deputies, who had surrounded it. They were not hurt, but a deputy and a state trooper opened fire, wounding Nicarry. Nicarry has since filed two suits against Eslinger. The sheriff's attorney, Tom Poulton, said the sheriff doesn't usually sue inmates for money but did so this time to offset any possible judgment from Nicarry's suits.

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