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Monday, April 02, 2007

Florida the rules are different here Chapter XCVI

Florida has a standup comic for Governor. From the St. Petersburg Times-

Crist called for a return of daily PE classes, starting with students in kindergarten through fifth grade. He said he wants kids to experience the activities he remembers from his childhood PE classes at Bay Vista Elementary in St. Petersburg.

"What state's prettier to enjoy the outdoors, to go kayaking, to jog, to swim?" said Crist, a self-professed fitness addict whose regimen includes 20 laps in a pool every morning before dawn.

Crist said he is creating a Governor's Council on Physical Fitness. He tapped Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Derrick Brooks to chair the group, which will try to reduce the number of Floridians with chronic problems related to obesity.

Change won't come overnight. In Hillsborough, elementary school students take physical education twice a week. In middle school, it's an elective. High school students need a single credit in fitness and health.

District physical education supervisor Steve Vanoer is eager to do more. But he worries about having to double or triple the size of PE classes if he can't afford more teachers.

Crist has proposed spending $1.2-million next year to promote health and nutrition. He isn't interested in hearing excuses about money.
In addition to money, I think many school administrators will have a problem with the PE requirement. Florida's schools don't like taking time away from FCAT preperation.

I'm not saying Crist's idea isn't good. Florida students should take PE or gym classes daily.

And anyone note the irony in Derrick Brooks selection to chair a group on physical fitness and obesity? Brooks weighs 235 lbs while standing 6' tall. By these charts, Mr. Brooks is overweight. Putting a fat man in charge of a group fighting obesity is like appointing Twiggy to study why models are too thin.

You'll never hear TFM say Charlie Crist isn't a funny man. Isn't this a great state or what?

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