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Friday, April 27, 2007

Flash Bang

A dumb criminal story from today's Palm Beach Post-

Police received a tip that two men planned to rob the Checkers on U.S. 1. Officers knew the men would wear dark clothing and cover their faces, that they would approach from the back door and that they would come after closing.

Detectives and SWAT team members set up inside and outside the restaurant, waiting for a PT Cruiser to arrive, Detective Brint Black said. Twenty officers were hidden across the property.

As Troy Craddock, 21, and Omar Robinson, 20, made their way up to the fast-food restaurant at midnight, a SWAT member tossed the disorienting device.

"One suspect said once he heard the flash-bang, he was so scared he threw down his weapon," Black said.

Robinson carried a loaded .32-caliber handgun, and Craddock carried a large black gun, which turned out to be fake, according to an arrest report. The men had sunglasses, a ski mask and a black hat, and police found a 6-inch knife in their car. Officials said the men brought rope - perhaps to tie up Checkers employees.

Craddock and Robinson live in Port St. Lucie but are from Jamaica. Black said they are not related. He did not know whether they are in the country legally.

State records show Craddock has been twice arrested on armed-robbery charges: by Fort Pierce police last year and by the Martin County Sheriff's Office in 2005.

He has also been arrested on charges of drug possession, battery and aggravated assault.

Craddock confessed to planning the robbery, and Robinson admitted to agreeing to help Craddock for a $150 payout, according to the police report. Both men remained at the St. Lucie County jail Thursday.

Black said detectives are investigating whether the pair and their associates could be responsible for several armed robberies in Port St. Lucie over the past year and a half.

He would not say why Craddock and Robinson chose Checkers.
Some random observations

1- Craddock and Robinson obviously chose Checkers because of the money.(Sarcastic laughter time)

2- With Craddock's arrest record, what is he doing out on the streets?

3- How did police know of the robbery attempt before hand?

4- If Craddock was arrested before, and police he is Jamaican, why wasn't his immigration status checked already? He doesn't have to be an illegal to be deported, legal resident aliens can have the same happen to them if they commit a felony.

Note- TFM admits being Jamaican doesn't necessarily mean Craddock isn't a citizen. My next door neighbors are also US citizens and from that island nation.

Just some thoughts on today's news. Feel free to add your own as always.

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